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7 Brothers

Keith, Kit, Guy, Luke, Daniel, Nathan and Greg McAvoy

Owners of 7 Brothers Brewery


Setting up any business is tough, but setting up a business with seven family members is surely madness. Not for the 7 brothers brewery.

Walking into their warehouse it was plain to see the business was a real family affair. We were greeted by Keith and quickly shown around. Meeting brothers, wives and children. Anyone would have thought we were in Italy. 

It was a momentous occasion, the first batch of 7 brothers IPA was being bottled as we arrived. It was a lovely atmosphere and a real sense of real pride swept around the place as the bottles were being filled. These bottles were ten months in the making, ten months of building, planning and brewing coming to fruition.

The seven brothers, all Salford lads have grown up showing entrepreneurial spirit from an early age and were all eager to work together at some point. But it wasn’t until the second oldest brother Keith returned from a trip to Oslo that the chance to go into business appeared. 

Like any good business idea this one came about after a few pints, but unlike many business ideas this one actually involved a few pints. Seven to be precise, seven brews for 7 brothers. Keith pitched the idea to the brothers in their local pub. Everyone was hooked instantly. From that moment forward the brothers have set about making their dream a reality, pouring all of their time and effort into the business. Learning and perfecting new skills. They will be producing a modest 4000 bottles a week to start with, increasing month by month as demand grows. There are already a number of Manchester’s finest bars and bottle shops lining up to take the first batches of the 7 brothers brew as soon as next month.

Making craft ales is nothing new, but there is something about the 7 brothers. It might be the solid business plan, the great tasting range of beers, or the fact this brewery is entirely family owned. Or maybe it’s a little bit of all of these points that make this collection of entrepreneurial individuals so special and interesting. The early signs are pointing to a bright future ahead for the brothers, flying the flag for craft beers, Salford and true family spirit.