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How the 'With Love Project' started
The With Love Project started as a idea to find and document a small amount of people who produce things with a passion and purpose. Asking one single question along the way... "Why do you do what you do?” We wanted to meet 5 people and produce a small book of the people we met. Nearly 40 makers, producers and manufacturers later we've managed to finish the book, we've also created a film and documented all our visits on this site. We are constantly searching for new stories, new people who truly love what they do to document and work with.

Who we are
Chris is an expert in brand design and art direction, he combines a passion for great creative with a keen eye for detail he is constantly searching for new ways to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer. Rob is an energetic, exciting and highly creative photographer. His stylish flare for lighting, immaculate attention to detail and ability to bring out the best from his subjects combine to create stunning, beautifully cinematic imagery.

What we do
We are a creative team producing content for people who produce things with a passion and a purpose. We produce words, pictures and film and specialise in fashion look-books and branded campaigns, online and in print. We have traveled the length of the country working with producers, makers and manufacturers. We've shot a summer campaign for Walsh Trainers, brought together a creative team to produce a T-Shirt with Origin 68, documented the pub the Manchester built and have many more exciting projects we can tell you about soon.

We've worked with start up companies and business' that can trace their history back to the 1300's, one man bands and brands employing 100's. All of the companies we work for share a similar vision, they all truly care about what they make and how they make it.  

Work with us
We love to hear from people who are producing things with a passion and a purpose. If you’d like to hire us for a project or have an idea, big or small, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email here