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Alec Farmer Trakke


Trakke Findo Backpack
We released this pack online a couple of months ago, but I’m still using the prototype. It’s not quite as refined as the production model, but it’s taken a good beating since we made it, and it’s still going strong.
Online Here:

Heldth ‘Journey to Jura' Journal
I’ve always got a sketchbook on me. This one was given to me by the guys from Heldth. They rode a pair of Triumph motorbikes from Germany to Jura, and called into Trakke Basecamp for a pit-stop along the way. They left me this custom notebook as a gift, and it fits perfectly in my back pocket.
Online Here:

Finisterre Tumet Beanie
At the first sign of bad weather, the beanie goes on. I’ve been wearing hats by Finisterre for years, but this one is perfect. Made in the UK, too, which is what I’m all about.
Online Here:

Gerber EAB Pocket Knife
I seem to spend my life opening boxes, so this helps.
Online Here:

Mu Folding Charger
I love technology, but I hate carrying around a nest of cables & chargers. The Mu plug is ingenious. It folds flat, so its less bulky in my pack.
Online Here:

Our whole workshop thrives on caffeine, and the Aeropress makes the best coffee there is. I love the fact that it’s inventor also created the Aerobie frisbee (another essential!). He’s a hero.
Online Here:

Miscellaneous Adventures Coffee Scoop
A friend of mine is an incredibly talented woodsman and illustrator. He gave me this coffee scoop after I took a yurt down to his place to provide shelter for a weekend wood-carving workshop. It’s a thing of beauty, and I always get that sense of pride when using it because I know it was painstakingly hand made.
Online Here:

Trakke Shackle Keychain
Keys drive me nuts. The shackle keeps them neat & tidy - and it’s got a bottle opener for post-work pints.
Online Here:

Il Busetto Coin Case
I’m always losing loose change, so I invested in this beautiful moulded leather coin case. Originally, it was a natural veg-tan colour, but movement in my pocket has burnished it, making it a lovely dark colour. We use veg-tan leather on some of our bags, so I often use this case as a quick example of how it ages when customers call in.
Online Here:

Trakke Dram Hipflask
We’re launching this hip flask for Christmas 2015, but in the meantime, someone has to test it, right? Right now, it’s full of a 16 year single malt whisky from Jura Distillery.
Online Here:

iPhone 6+
I work a lot when I’m on the move, so the bigger screen really helps. I barely use my iPad mini any more.
Online Here:

Petzl e+lite Headtorch
I’ve always got a head torch in my bag. Safety first, kids.
Online Here:

Bellroy Elements Wallet
I’ve been putting this wallet through it’s paces since they launched it. I love the passport size - great for travelling - and the interior arrangement is well thought out!
Online Here:

Lezyne Bike Pump
Somehow, I’ve always got a slow puncture in my tyres. I’m not sure I’ll ever find it.
Online Here:

Full Windsor Nutter Multitool
By far and away the best multitool I own. Certainly the best bike tool. It’s not trying to be everything to everyone, but if you need to fix a single speed bike in an emergency, this has everything you need.
Online Here: