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Alex Rizos

Barbour Jacket
This waxed jacket was a gift from my parents for my birthday five years ago. As I was living in England at the time, it seemed like an appropriate gesture. I wear it almost everyday between November and March. I love that it's black and has a leather collar which makes it easy to dress it up or down.
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Moleskine Notebook
I scribble a lot of things and sketches as often as I can and found that this notebook has the perfect size to be carried around everywhere.
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Vintage Leather Belt
I borrowed this belt from my dad when I was 13 and never gave it back... I don't know how long he's had it before I took it from him but that belt is as sturdy as it gets.

Warby Parker Glasses
My wife Olivia introduced me to Warby Parker when we were living in New York. Though I was skeptical about buying prescription glasses online, they make it really easy and this is now the second pair of Warby's that I own. I love their classic designs and really wonder what they're waiting for to take over Europe...
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Briston Watch
A new French brand founded by a guy that worked for all the big names before deciding to launch its own collection. Perfect if you like the look of NATO-strap watches but are looking for something a bit more serious than what most brands offer (ie. chronograph).
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Olympus Camera & Figosa Leather Strap
For a while, I had a really terrible SLR camera that I bought from a friend years ago and when it finally died on me, I really wanted a smaller camera that I could do a lot with. I bought this Olympus XZ-2 last summer for a great price at B&H in New York and I'm so happy I did! The leather wrist strap is by an Italian brand called Figosa; it's sturdy and looks damn good.
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Victorinox Knife
As a kid, when we would drive through Europe with my parents to go visit the family in Greece, my dad would always carry with him a Swiss Army knife to prepare quick meals on the road. It stuck with me and I know carry one myself anywhere I go.
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MacBook Air
I've had this little fella for over 5 years now and have absolutely no complaints about it. It's thin, light and does the job day in day out.
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iPhone 5
Sadly, I can't live without my iPhone. I cracked the screen whilst running a month ago and bought a replacement kit but never found the time to fix it. Oh well.

Thursday Boots
I own a lot of shoes and though I try to switch it up regularly, I wear these boots extremely often. They feel great and look awesome. They're by a young NY-based company called Thursday Boots Co. I discovered it last year, met the founder and decided that these would be my go-to boots. Great kicks at the right price, made by genuinely nice people.
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Natural Selection Jeans
I'm always very impressed about how active the denim industry seems to be in the UK. Natural Selection London is one of these young British brands that make great jeans, and they actually make some very unique pieces... I went for a pair of thick raw denim jeans that I wear almost everyday.
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