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Andy Longley


Andy Longley

Off the Cuff LDN


Hello Amsterdam
I recently (last week) moved to Amsterdam so this is like my bible at the moment. The first thing I did was buy a copy, along with a city map and obligatory tourist lighter and so far they've served me well.
Online here:

Larsson & Jennings watch
I've owned this for years. I'm a big fan of minimalist watches and there seems to be so many brands doing it nowadays but I’ve stuck with Larsson & Jennings. Brown leather strap with gold plating and black face, subtle enough that it's not too flashy but still makes statement; I wear it for every occasion.
Online here:

Rochefort double
I've turned into a huge beer snob since living off fosters for 3 years at University. Living so close to Belgium means a lot of very cheap very good beers.  The Rochefort double is a 9.2% beer brewed in the Rochefort monastery and a personal favourite, rated 100% by other beer snobs.  
Online here:

American Crew Fiber
Probably nothing new to most guys, American crew have blown up in the last few years and this is arguably their best product, I’m not a big fan of the hair gel look so this matte finish is perfect and smells as good as most aftershaves.
Online here:

Sharps Aftershave
Sharps is a great little company, they’re a London based barbers chain with a standalone barbers on Windmill Street and a few concessions in Ben Sherman stores. They do a full range of grooming products but you can't beat the aftershave (still not figured out why there's a goat on it though).
Online here:

AllSaints Tee
Lightweight, comfy and a slim fit. 90% of my T-shirts are from AllSaints as I find it really hard to get another brand that fits so well. I've gone for the Bretagne stripe today as I feel like it's a little more European (just trying to fit in).
Online here:

Circular tortoise shell frames, what else?? I can't actually remember where I got them and they're unbranded but these are my next pair....
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