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Goodlife Festival: Pablo Spaull - Forever Cacao

Chris Roberts

After a fairly heavy night, the idea of a mid-morning ‘Chocolate Meditation’ seems too good to miss. We sit down and Pablo guides us through four chocolates from cinnamon infused bars to his award winning 72% and 80% chocolates. He tells us about the medicinal qualities of the cacao bean and how to eat the chocolate to get the full benefits. The combination of meditation and the power of the cacao bean leaves us feeling great and recharged, ready for the rest of the day. You can find out more about Pablo and his chocolate at

We asked Pablo what would be your perfect festival…

Drink: A green juice, it has to be natural and fill me with plenty of goodness, so anything with spinach and kale.

Food: Has to be chocolate, I always carry a few bars with me. A 72% for the day and then an 80% and probably a bit of 100% to give me the energy to see me late into the night.

Act: Something that has a bit of humour, dance up jump ability. I want to made to think, want to be inspired and want something to take away.