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Goodlife Festival: Tom Herbert - Baker

Chris Roberts

Tom Herbert is a fifth generation baker. We meet him at the Do lectures tent where copies of his new book, Wild Baking is being prepped, ready for his book launch and signing. 

Tom is a born baker. He grew up above the family owned bakery with five other brothers. He left sixth form early to pursue a baking career and by the time he was 23, he’d collected a number of awards including baker of the year. The following years he helped build the family business, appeared on TV shows, travelled the world and wrote books on the subject he loves.

We meet him, as he calls it ‘in the next chapter of his life’. This past year alone he has cooked out in Nairobi, worked with refugees in Calais, written a book and formed strong links with the charity Tearfund. He mentions working on something hyper local near his home in the Cotswolds, “I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but I’ve found a space I love and have a few ideas.” He is also experimenting with the idea of a Friday Feast Club at his home, he says “We’ll just put a poster on the door inviting anyone and see who turns up.” You can find out about more about Tom in his latest book on

We asked Tom: What would be your perfect festival…

Drink: A nice clean, crisp, slightly dry cider at night. Then a smokey bloody Mary with horseradish in the morning to pick me back up.

Food: A bowl of veggie curry, some carbs with the rice for fuel, and a good hit of chilli and dollop of riaita. Finished off which a speciality from one of my brothers, here at Goodlife… Warm brioche donuts with ice cream.

Act: Has to make me cry or loose myself dancing. If I’m dancing then anywhere with a good wooden dance floor and any act that I can groove too.