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Day Four

Chris Roberts

The clouds parted and the sun shone down on our destination for the day, we approached Glasgow from Loch Lomond headed for the first of our three visits.

We arrived at Edition Scotland owned by Jennifer Kent who is inspired by the heritage, integrity and expertise found within the Scottish textile industry and is passionate about utilising this great skill set in the factories right on her doorstep. The office had bursts of colour coming from the yarn bundles, hanging Cashmere scarves and design drawings scattered around. The scarves were presented on bespoke hangers which allowed us to feel the unique softness that comes from Editions cashmere wool and to admire the classic designs.

We then headed 5 miles down the road and hidden away in a great old building we found Trakke, an adventure lifestyle brand producing a unique selection of bags, all designed and handmade in Scotland by Alec and the team. The products are aimed at the everyday adventurer so it was right up our street and great to meet the passionate people behind a brand we had heard so much about.

After a fish supper, Irn Bru and a Tunnocks Tea Cake we headed out of the centre to meet a heavyweight leather specialist. Traditionally a master saddler and harness maker Colin took over McRostie’s in the 1980’s and took the company in a new direction who now specialise in premium heavyweight leather products. The workshop oozed character with leather belts, saddles, strips, boxes and more stacked on all surfaces and specialist tools hung on the wall. It was Jennifer from Edition that we can thank for introducing us to McRostie which was a brilliant end to a very full day.

Four days in and we have covered some miles, heading to the top of the UK and turning round, we are picking up speed and heading back down to Devon with some more fantastic people to meet on route.