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Day Two

Chris Roberts

The sun was bouncing off the turquoise green sea as we made our way over the white sands of Luskentyre trying to decide where and when we were going to have our first dip in the Atlantic. It was seven in the morning and we had just arrived in Harris after a five am ferry, we had two great people to meet and no coffee so decided the only option was a sub zero dip in the sea.

Following the beautiful beach we went in search of the lady who produced the linen for Gandalf the Greys costume in the Hobbit. Sheila Roderick is based on Scalpay one of the only Linen producers on a isle chock full of Harris tweed makers. She is set up in the old school house producing linen, Linsey-Woolsey and woven tweed. Later in the day and after some very successful Go-Pro driving footage we met Kenny McClane, Harris born and bred and currently working as project manager on Harris’ only distillery, set to open in later this year and producing their first batch of malt whiskey in just over 3. We chatted over a few whiskeys about the exciting future of the new distillery breathing life into the ferry town of Harris.

Safe to say we finished the day with a few beers from 7 brothers, the rain was coming in horizontal, drenching the tent and the whole campsite, but nothing could dampen the spirits, it was a brilliant start to a epic adventure.