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Doing things properly - Good Measure

Chris Roberts

The dark nights had set in and there was the ever present Manchester drizzle in the air. It was a school night when we entered the Beagle pub in Chorlton to meet the guys from Good Measure which seemed entirely fitting as it was a Chorlton Pub where the brand discussions first started.

It was Fred who noticed us first as I was proudly wearing my M21 - Shirley Crabtree from Good Measure. John and Carl joined us moments later. The three of them had been friends for over 15 years. They have all worked for companies, and later for themselves in the fashion and engineering industries. Three things they all had in common was an appreciation for good quality beer, good quality chat and good quality clothing. Fred said “It’s Carl and me that have the background in the fashion industries but it would always be John who would mention some obscure Japanese fashion brand, or a unique weaving pattern he’d come across.” It was these discussions in the pub that led to the birth of Good Measure, but unlike lots of pub ideas that fizzle out and disappear the moment you finish the pint… these guys actually started the business and created a company to produce high quality British clothing.

Their first and ‘hero’ product was an interpretation of a 1950’s/60’s American Sweatshirt, a classic Americana product they refined to be relevant and made here in the UK. They wanted to, without compromise, make the best sweatshirt available, producing it how they wanted, marketing it how they wanted and selling it where they wanted.

The search began for suitable manufacturers who could produce the sweatshirt to the standards they strived for. They had very specific requirements taking inspiration from classic sports brands such as Champion and some quality Japanese brands. Each of the guys brought their own bit of expertise, knowledge and know how to make this sweatshirt a reality, taking the best bits from each of their favorite sweats, the weight, the cut, the stitching and using them to fuel their designs.

Once they got underway with the product side of the business, they turned to Trevor Johnson a Manchester design expert to handle the branding side of things. Carl said “The Manchester bee became our brand mark, and this wasn’t the only Manchester reference… each of our product numbers are Manchester Postcodes, for example the beanie is M50 (Salford Docks).” Everything they do is very detail focused, from the product manufacture and production right through to the box it arrives in and the Vimto lolly inside.

A few pints into the session we started to talk about the future. The Beagle ales were going down well and the guys sat across from us were getting more animated. John said, “we are growing the business organically so we can retain control. Investment was never really an option.” They have worked hard to find a supply chain they are happy with and have a great product that they want to protect, keeping everything high quality and producing limited runs. The garments are available in a number of stores. Carl said, “It’s important to pick up, try on and feel the quality, so we select the stores that share our passion for detail.” Oi Poloi in Manchester was one of the first takers for the Good Measure garments and they now sell in a select number of detail focused outlets across the UK and online.

It was great to spend some time with the chaps from Good Measure, a genuine set of guys who are producing high quality clothing here in the UK without compromise. You can find out more about them and where to buy at