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New pieces from Hugh Miller

Chris Roberts

We recently spoke again to Hugh Miller to find out what he's been busy creating. Below are some of his latest pieces. You can see more of Hugh's work on his site

Walnut Sunrise Bed


This king-sized bed, made from solid Black Walnut, draws heavily on traditional jointing techniques but maintains a contemporary aesthetic. The headboard is made up of an array of walnut panels which fan out into a sunrise. Each panel is inlaid with a contrasting timber with the dark reds of Mahogany, Cherry at the bottom, and lighter-coloured Oak and Maple towards the center. Each tenon is double-wedged with Maple, and a set of two huge Maple-lined drawers are cleverly disguised into the foot of the bed for linen storage.

Oak Display Cabinets


This pair of display cabinets are made from solid European Oak. Although the pieces appear quite clean and simple there is, on closer inspection, a huge amount of detail. Each member of the structure is pared down to a slender profile, and the legs are tapered towards the base. Quarter-oak and book-matched oak is used for the cabinet fronts, with it’s distinctive medullary rays, and mirrored grain.

Tapered Edge Consol Table


The first in a collection of matching tables and chairs, this piece is an exercise in elegance and grace. The table edge is finned to a slim wedge, and the triangulated legs taper to the floor. Handmade in solid Maple, with Walnut inlay and detailing.