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The Whitworth Gallery

Chris Roberts


We've paid many a visit to Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery over the years but the £15m revamp was one great reason to head back over there.

The Whitworth reopened on the 14th February 2015 following the latest remodeling and extension by architects MUMA (McInnes Usher McKnight Architects). We visited all of the new spaces, from the new landscape wing to the café thrusting out into the trees. The new glass and brick extensions which frame the new sculpture garden really open up the gallery to the surrounding park, but it wasn’t just the building and exhibitions we went to see, we wanted to speak to the visitor team who were all decked out in their new Private White V.C. uniform.

Private White V.C. produced a special version of their Worksuit for the Whitworth, it was created using a bespoke grey dye to match the gallery’s new colour palette, you can see the original Worksuit here. We met a number of individuals from the visitor team, each one as welcoming as the other. Their job is to engage with the public, to enrich the visiting experience through conversations and information, educate where possible and assist when needed. They all loved the new space, their new outfits and of course the new approach to their job, here are some of the brilliant team we met.