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With Love Project - 2014

Chris Roberts

It was 5am on a cold spring morning back in 2014. Rob and I were on our way to West wales to meet David Hieatt of Hiut Jeans. He was the first of a fine list of people we met last year for the ‘With Love Project’.

We went that day thinking it would be nice to get a few shots, a quick interview and we’d be on our way back. But we’d arrived on the Hiut open day and met people from all walks of life who shared one thing in common. They all had a real passion for what they did and they loved the Hiut story. From belt makers to irish linen producers their enthusiasm excited us and made us realise we wanted to meet more of these people. Their passion was addictive, there attitude compelling and there belief in what they produced inspiring. What set out that day on a small personal project but left knowing this could grow and grow, and it did with every person we met over the next 8 months. Each one spurring a new excitement, a new desire to find other people from different trades who loved what they did and loved sharing their stories. 

Documenting these people has been a real pleasure and everyone we have met has been amazing, welcoming us into their workplace, giving us some of they precious time and sending us off in different directions in search of other professionals. The past 8 months has been a real treat for us and a pleasure to meet some fantastic people. We have managed to capture a number of them in the video above. 

This coming year we have some exciting plans and will be visiting even more brilliant individuals so be sure to keep posted.


Chris and Rob