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Daniel Giacopelli


Daniel Giacopelli

Monocle 24

Insta: @danielgiacopelli
Twitter: @danielgiaco


Alex Webb photograph
Magnum Photos sometimes sells signed square prints from their bulging archives. This one is from the absolute master of street colour and shadows, Alex Webb. It’s titled "Cotton Candy, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1990”. I interviewed Alex recently for a radio piece I’m making about Magnum's 70th anniversary. As an amateur street photographer, it’s been quite a fun journey.
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Afghan cup
Flore and Edmund run ISHKAR, a small brand that curates products from artisans whose countries have been affected by conflict. This blue tumbler is from Herat, crafted by one of the last glassblowers in Afghanistan. Each one is unique. I bought quite a few and have given them as gifts. This one I kept for myself.
Online here:

'Cities' book
Bought due to the quirky cover but now in love with its equally quirky essays on cities around the world. Published in 1963 by Welsh travel writer and historian James Morris (now Jan, after transitioning to female in 1972). They don’t make travel books like this anymore. I always read a particular city’s chapter before visiting to see how much it’s changed in half a century.

French worker’s jacket
Discovered mine collecting dust in a vintage store off London’s Brick Lane. It's pretty old, with paint splatters and stains. Every flat white sipping hipster has one now and it’s all a bit cliche but I still love mine. Rarely a day goes by without wearing it.

Finisterre knife
Tom Kay from cold-water surfing brand Finisterre (an ‘Essentials' alumnus himself) gave me this knife on a visit to their Cornwall HQ. Tom’s company is absolutely brilliant. And they’re located on a cliff overlooking the sea. Visit if you can.
Online here:

Wooden pig's head
My girlfriend bought this for me on our recent trip to Vietnam. It’s from a crowded market in the heart of Hoi An. He/she sits happily on my desk.

Field Notes
Always in my inside jacket pocket.
Online here:

I go through one a month. Hardcover and red.
Online here:

Omega Speedmaster
Is there a more solid all-around daily watch? I’ve worn this for years. Recently swapped the traditional metal bracelet with a black NATO strap from the gents at Hodinkee.
Online here:

‘Ripley' compilation
Four Ripley (i.e. ’The Talented Mr…’) novels in one super-fat dog-earred drink-stained book. The perfect holiday read from the queen of suspense. It’s fantastic.

Filson wallet
I probably own too much Filson. This leather wallet is the latest purchase.
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Spiritland matchbook
My buddy Paul Noble is the brainchild behind Spiritland, London’s best new cafe/bar/venue. Delicious food and drinks with the world’s best sound system and awesome music. A one-of-a-kind place.
Online here:

M24 coffee mug
We sold these back when Monocle 24 launched in 2011. Collector’s item?!

Classroom map
This is a large double-sided map of West and North Africa, used in a French classroom. Likely from the 1960s. I bought it in a street market in Montmartre but haven’t yet found the right wall for it.