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Day Eleven


Day Eleven

We’d reached our most Southern point for the trip so it was time to turn around and head back up the country. Wiltshire was our first stop today and we were meeting Melissa Cole an Artist Blacksmith. Her Forge is set in farmland surrounded by green fields and woodland, an idyllic setting to be creating pieces of art and the perfect setting to influence and inspire. Through the entrance to the forge, once the old pig shed, we could see the flames rising and Melissa busy working, we knocked on the white wooden barn doors and went in. Melissa set up her workspace in 2001, it’s a long brick building with the majority of tools set around the forge, the heart of any blacksmiths dwelling. Next door in another converted barn Melissa has set up a gallery to show her work and other selected artists. She talked us through a beautiful selection of her steel, iron and bronze work and after seeing the finished article she treated us to a live demonstration, skilfully forging two hearts for us to take away. It was great to see the metal rod heated to a yellow glow in the forge and skilfully manipulated into shape and all finished on brand in black. We loved the afternoon spent with Melissa but we had to make a move and start our last journey over to Pembrokeshire, we jumped in the landy for the penultimate good-bye and headed off.