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Gregory Odia


Gregory Odia

The Independents Club
Twitter: @TheIsClub
Instagram: theindependentsclub



A clean white double cuffed full cutaway shirt from Guy Field London
A must for any male wardrobe, massively versatile, classic yet always up to date, in my opinion the classic white shirt is like a base colour which you can work from and explore your creativity and individuality. Be creative with your tie selection or your cufflinks the white shirt will allow for this to be accentuated.
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A handmade, handcrafted tie from Masel
With an abundance of knot variations, colours, cuts and lengths, the humble tie is not just a flippant item, it's the finishing touch to a well made man.
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Parker Pen and pad
I'm a simply fellow, I believe that the pen can be a extension of your brain, don't think just do, let the your brain guide your hand, write what comes to mind, read it back and make sense of it later I think the best ideas come that way.
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Cufflinks from Sally Lees Contemporary jewellery
The finishing touch to a well made gent and a great opportunity to further showcase individuality without being overt.
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My phone
From watching teenage mutant ninja turtles with my boys to working till the wee hours of the morning, this device has becoming important that humanly possible. Lol if this phone could make me a coffee and whisper words of sweet affection in the morning there'd never be any need for a girlfriend.  Looooooooooool
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Aftershave from Gruhme
Smell good, look good, feel good even ifyou're broke (trust me I've been broke) act like the dogs bollocks and you'll be the dogs bollocks
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Whiskey from The One by Lakes Distillery
I love Whiskey................. Nuff said
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And so completes the modern Cockney gentleman's essentials.