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Helen Osgerby


Nike Zoom Structure Trainers
I run regularly with my friend Lelly.  We brave all weather and go out very early in the morning.  It is as much for our mental as well as our physical health - it’s like an hour of therapy.  We sort out ‘life’ in the dark and cold and feel smug when we’re rewarded with secret sunrises in early spring.  I thought ‘Zoom Structure’ was such a great name, not sure they have made me any faster though?

Plates and Bread
I tend to assemble things on plates rather than cook if I can get away with it!  Excellent bread (Coopers Bake House delivery to our doorstep on Saturday mornings!), salted butter and avocados...I seem to get by very well.  I almost never manage to get through a day without chocolate.  Green & Blacks here for picture purposes but I’m not fussy.
Online: Elliott Ceramics / bread

MacBook Pro & iPhone
I run an online homewares shop and would be entirely lost without my laptop and phone.  I wouldn’t have a job without them!

Notebook and Pencil
Despite my reliance on the tech for work, I am a dinosaur to the core (and a stationery obsessive).  I make list in notebooks constantly and forever.  I wake in the night running through jobs that need to be done and scribble things down before I can get back to sleep.  I always start a new book incredibly neatly with a sharp pencil and then end up with felt-tip pen all over it.
Online: Tom Pigeon Notebook, £15

Coloured Chalk
Despite the laptop and note books the blackboard in our kitchen is our best communication ‘tool’.  We have three children and it is the best and, in fact, the only way we have of knowing who is doing what and when.  Its functional, practical and quite funny…there’s usually some badly spelt message, drawing, joke.  Most of them start “DON’T FORGET….”
Online: Colouring Chalk, 

Tan Leather Satchel
I have an old brown leather satchel which I have had for years and years (I bought it second hand so it has enjoyed a long life).  The leather is worn and marked but it was so inherently well made that it’s hard to know how I would replace it and with what?  It’s a great example of craftsmanship that wears in and not out.

Neon Oyster Card Holder  
My sister-in-law gave me this and assured me I would never loose my oyster card again.  She was right.  I love the colour and it was designed and made in Britain.

I bought this in Copenhagen recently and like the oyster card holder - it’s colourful and hard to loose!

I had to fight the urge to fill this image with a growing raft of vain ‘essential’ but decided on the vaseline because the branding has endured, the tin is robust and the contents lasts forever.