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Jamie Bartlett


Jamie Bartlett

Banton Frameworks
Twitter: @BantonFrames
Insta: @bantonframes


Acme 190ml Demitasse Cappuccino Cup
No morning is bearable without coffee. It’s an admission. Lucy and I got these to go with our La Pavoni coffee machine a few years back. Very good at keeping my essential morning drink hot.
Online Here:

White iPod Classic
A robust classic that keep the music going in the workshop year after year. It doesn’t seem to want to give up even though Apple gave up on it. A must have in the workshop between noisy phases of making.
Online Here:

Elkind Allan Key Set
Most, if not all of our equipment calls for maintenance and I have had these to hand since 2008. A great little set that I don’t let out of my sight.
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_Ola lay flat notebook
Saw these lovely notebooks at Design Junction last year exhibiting as part of London Design week. A notebook for all my ideas and endless ‘”to-do’s” I go through about 5 notebooks a year.
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Mole Grips
Sometimes reffered to as ‘vice grips’ I manage to use these every single day. From opening beer bottles, holding awkward objects to make shift handles. I once used a set of these instead of a car steering wheel when my old one came loose. Easily the most used tool on my bench.
Online Here:

Roper Spectacle Frame with Silver temples and Burgundy Temple Tips
Lucy couldn’t see without them. This design is our flagship model called the ‘Roper’ ; named after the old occupation of rope making in Belfast. Handmade and assembled in our workshop by myself and Lucy from premium grade Italian leather and aerospace aluminium.
Online Here:

Leather Case
Made from Calf leather, this case keeps my glasses nice and safe when I don’t have them on. The best thing about these has to be the smell or that it takes up very little space when not in use.
Online Here:

Ajoto Pen
We met the design team behind these pens last year. I can’t imagine not having this around as I’m forever taking notes, sketching or writing lists. This pen is extra special having been been made from aereospace grade aluminium with its own cork and extruded aluminium packaging. I love the matt finish and if there was a pen to keep forever this one is mine.
Online Here:

3M Double Sided Tape
This stuff hold my life together. I use it for everything. Holding jigs together, securing materials to MDF to keeping my floor mats in my car in place. This stuff is dynamite. I should think so too with its price!
Online Here:

End Mills
These are the only types of cutters that give us the smooth edge required for our eyewear. We have a box with around 50 of these in different permutations. The ratio of length to flutes makes all the difference when milling our frames. It took so long to find the right ones but it was worth every mistake.
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Swann Morton Scalpol Handle with 10A Blade
The staple for anyone who has ever made anything related to creativity ; incarnate. I have around 20 of these handles kicking around the workshop. I don’t think is possible to have too many. These are best for cutting that double sided tape as well as almost any card or paper. A trusty tool I certainly would miss if without.
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