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Jim Smith


Jim Smith


Twitter: @jim1982



Rab microlight down jacket
I love my microlight down jacket, a must have if you live in the north and love hiking around the Peak District, keeps me warm without looking like the Michelin Man. Its colours are bright and that’s one of the main reasons I loved it, I'm sad when spring comes and it's too warm to wear it!  
Online here:

Moleskin diary & notebook
I'd be lost without my diary and notebook, they are never too far away from me. I can't get to grips with digital calendars and notebooks, there is something about writing notes on paper that I love. I use these two items everyday at work and they have dragged me out of the mire many a time as my memory is like a sieve. Also I'm not ashamed in saying it but there is something cool about a moleskin diary, don't ask me what but there is.  
Online here:

Casio watch
I have a watch addiction, I have loads of them. However my favourite watch by far is the cheapest and doesn't do much else but tell the time. My pink Casio watch is brilliant, it has never let me down and goes with any outfit (honest) and is cheap at £20, what more do you want?!
Online here:

Desert boots
If I could wear my desert boots everyday I would, so comfy, look good and are cheap too. I like when they have a few scuffs and marks on and have story to tell. My brown moleskin are the best. 
Online here:

Stabilo fineliners
A pleasure to write and sketch with, a fantastic user experience (maybe a little over the top). Online here:

Tinsley towers mug
Everyone has a favourite mug right? I love my coffee and it tastes the best when it's in this mug. It's not too big or small and it's not too thick or thin, it's just right. To top it all off it has a classic South Yorkshire vista on it; the Tinsley Towers! 
Online here:

Post it notes
I'm a compulsive post it note user! I use them in loads of lessons I teach or workshops I lead. They are such a versatile learning resource, they can be very personal or used in a group or help to solve a problem or see something in a different way. I also like their fluorescent colours. 
Online here:

Schmockle bob hat 
The Schmockle bob hat is based on a famous Man Utd goalkeeper jersey worn by Peter Schmeichael during the early to mid 90s. It brings back found memories of watching United from the Stretford End. I wear it in the Stretford End now, it's warm, bright and goes well with my micro down. Rosso Bianco Nero 1878 make some top nostalgic gear, if you are a United support I suppose, but all footy fans will be able to appreciate it. 
Online here:

A computer in my pocket that lets me post on and check Twitter. End. 
Online here: 

Seagate External hard drive
If I lost this my world would be over. I should back it up but I don't. It's got all my work documents on and let's me have my super thin Mac Air and all my documents too. With all this storage I forget where I have saved stuff but I know it's on there somewhere. 
Online here:

Black & Blum Eau Water bottle
The website says "A filter water bottle that uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to make your tap water taste great" I bought it because it looked cool. It's a great conversation starter and lots of people remember me as 'Jim with the funny bottle'. Also it helps me to remember to drink water so it can't be a bad thing . 
Online here: