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John Poland

Sugar Cane 1947
I've got a couple of pairs of these, this pair are from 2003/4 when they still had the red tab and arcs on the pockets, before the Levis trademark clampdown, they were and probably still are way better than the Levi's they emulated. Although not one of the Osaka 5 denim brands Sugar Cane were one of the first to be accessible to the western market and played a huge part in the way we look at jeans now. These have been worn to death from raw and I've had them patched and repaired numerous times, everything about them is just right and getting better and to top it off if you search around online they can be half the price they were ten years ago.
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Slow leather wallet
My wife bought me this for my birthday a few years ago, I love the way it's ageing , the leather is almost black with wear now and the copper rivet has that green tinge that only age brings, shame it's always empty.
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Strong tea
Yorkshire, Clipper Everyday, M&S Extra Strong, a nice coffee is all well and good but first thing in the morning only a cup of Rosy Lee will do.
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Lee Japan Chore shirt
Another garment I've had for years , you never think you're going to need four pockets on a shirt but mine are constantly full, keys, pens, paper, wallet, glasses, the list is endless. It's getting a bit past it's sell by date now and the thought of relegating it to the bin is frightening so I'm in the process of manufacturing some jackets that give a nod to the practicality of that fine shirt.

Midori pen
Another gift from my lovely wife, this little fella lives in a pocket of the previously mentioned shirt.
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Leather key fob
Hand cut and then sewn with Irish linen thread by a friend from Saddleworth, a lovely thing that is ageing beautifully.

Erlandia moccasins
Looking back through my essentials nearly all of them are old and these shoes are no different, I think Padmore and Barnes stopped making Erlandia a good ten years ago but I've recently given these a clean up and they're in regular rotation once again. You can point at all the recently hip brands from across the pond but these hand sewn Irish made beauties hold their own. Padmore and Barnes are still making some great shoes though I believe it's mainly in Portugal. 
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