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John Summerton

John Summerton

Twitter: @sidetrackedmag
Facebook: SidetrackedMag
Instagram: SidetrackedMag


Macbook Pro 13”
This goes everywhere with me and has my life and work history on it. I really should back it up more often… I’ve been using Apple products for years now and wouldn’t switch to anything else.
Online Here:

Sidetracked Magazine
I always have a copy or two of my magazine with me. It’s a great way to show rather than tell what I do. Sidetracked has become a huge part of my life and I love working on it and watching it grow.
Online Here:

Portable charger
I was given this as a gift whilst in Iceland and now never leave the house without it. I’m constantly forgetting to charge my phone so this thing is perfect for me.

Ok, thankfully this isn’t an essential but I do love a good crafted ale. I’m always on the hunt for the darkest, coziest local pubs and breweries to try the local beers. I’ve also started brewing my own (pictured) which has had very mixed results!

Swiss Army Knife
My wife gave me this about 20 years ago before we embarked on our first adventure together (a year long circumnavigation of Australia) and I’ve taken it on every trip since. It’s one of those things that you rarely need but it’s always good to have on hand.

Nixon 48-20 Chrono
Love this watch.

Penguin bottle opener
This appeared in my life a few years back and I’ve no idea where from. But useful to have around with the aforementioned beer. Seriously, that’s not essential though…

Moleskin Notebook
This one is a limited edition with topographic lines carved into the cover. I’ve nearly filled it up with random notes, shopping lists, sketches and ideas now though so on the look out for it’s successor – another moleskin for sure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the print publishing game and absolutely love paper and printing. There’s no better smell than that of freshly printed magazines – seriously! But I do read a lot and love the Kindle as it’s just so easy, portable, light and can hold so many books. Idealy for trips, holidays or long train journeys.

Crumpler Super Boomer XL
I’ve had this messenger bag for 8 years now and it never leaves my side. Basically because it’s usually filled with all of this stuff pictured here and more! It’s so well made, has enough pockets for me to stash and lose things and plenty of room for my often portable office.