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Katy Cowan


Katy Cowan

Creative Boom

Twitter: @CreativeBoomMag
Twitter: @katylcowan
Facy: /CreativeBoom
Insta: @creativeboommag


Giorgio Armani Sunglasses
Yes, they were expensive but I love them. I've had them donkey's years, purchased on a ridiculous whim one Saturday. I usually break sunglasses very easily, so I thought if I get some "expensive" ones, I might look after them. So far, so good.

Baukjen black and white stripy top
This slouchy number (which needs an iron, I know) is super comfy and goes with everything. I can't be bothered to put outfits together in the morning, so my wardrobe has become pretty "capsule" and boring in recent years. I wish I could be more creative, but I just opt for timeless quality stuff to make life easier, and to save money.
Online Here:

Clarks black sandals 
I've got size 9, wide feet so Clarks is a lifesaver for me. Super comfy and every season there's always something suitable. These are a recent purchase and I'll no doubt buy another pair before the warmer season is out. Clarks is probably the only place I can buy women's shoes.
Online Here:

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
I don't spend a lot on lotions and potions, but this stuff is essential. It lasts absolutely ages and keeps lips and skin smooth. Works nicely as a highlighter too, and for smoothing down my frizzy barnet. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Marie 430
Another expensive item (I'm starting to realise why I'm always skint now!) but I love it to bits. Any woman who loves makeup will tell you how, like jeans, they're always on the hunt for the "perfect" lipstick. It's taken me 38 years, but I think I've finally found a shade to suit me. 

PS4 Playstation
It's an essential for me because I grew up with computers and gaming. Our first was a ZX Spectrum, and – as you can imagine – graphics weren't amazing in those days, although I still enjoyed the games – they were very playable. Today, having had that experience, gaming is mind-blowing to me. Fallout 4 and The Last of Us are recent favourites. I'm glad my husband feels the same way – we're currently exploring options for VR.

Long necklace from Cos
Cos is one of my favourite clothing stores, but I especially love their silver jewellery. They always do unusual, simple stuff – I don't like to go too wild, so this just adds a little something to my "boring" outfits.
Online Here:

Silver watch by Skagen
I love a good watch, and this was a gift from my hubby several years ago. I just love how simple it is. I don't know if I could live without a watch, even though we have our iPhones these days. I feel secure and in control when I've got my watch on – if that makes sense?
Online Here:

The New Yorker
I prefer to read it on my iPad or online, but nothing beats the delivery of a regular magazine at home. The excitement when you hear the letterbox go, and rush down the stairs to see what treat lies in store. The smell, the fresh pages... seeing who has illustrated the cover each week. 

My Grandpa's Praktica
He left it to me in his will, and it's something I treasure. He got me into photography when I was young and I'll never forget the tips and tricks that he shared. 

The Sound of Waves by Mishima
Just one of many Japanese fiction books I'm making my way through. This was a particularly beautiful story. Can't recommend it enough.

These were a gift from a friend in Japan and join a growing collection of them at home. I don't know if I could live without Japanese food – nothing beats it. Apart from pizza, maybe.

Lonely Planet guide to Japan
I've got heaps of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides books. Purely so I can dream about where I'm going next. There's only one major thing I want to do in my life – and that's travel!

Garmin Edge Touring
I'm cycle mad, and regularly do long rides at the weekend on my road bike with my husband and other friends. But I tend to not pay attention to where we're going; I've always got my head in the clouds. So this sat nav gadget suits me fine when I go out on my own.
Online Here:

Twinings Cherry & Cinnamon Tea
I'm not a coffee drinker, never have been. So herbal teas are a favourite, especially if they taste of cherries or almonds – or anything like marzipan.
Online Here:

Beats Earphones
These are actually my husband's earphones; he let me use them on a plane to Greece and I loved them so much, he never got them back! When I just want to block out noise on the plane, train or tram – they help me switch off.
Online Here:

Sky Rider frisbee
Have you ever been somewhere and kicked yourself that you didn't have a frisbee? This happens to me all the time. Hence, it's an essential. Frisbee is so nostalgic and fun – I laugh so much when I'm playing it.
Online Here: