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Kirsty Thomas


Kirsty Thomas

Tom Pigeon
Twitter: @tompigeon
Instagram: tom_pigeon
Facebook: tompigeonstudio
Pinterest: tompigeonstudio
Tumblr: tompigeon



Baggu Leather Tote
I love all Baggu bags but this is my favourite. It’s really battered now but the perfect mix of smart and practical. I love the softness of the leather and raw edges.
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New Balance 996
These are a recent addition to my trainer wardrobe. I love New Balance and whenever we travel south we stop off at their factory shop in the Lake District. That way I can justify having lots of different pairs! 
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Couldn’t live without it. Music, podcasts, gym soundtrack, messaging friends, taking photos, plus I do all the social media for Tom Pigeon so spend far more time on it than is probably healthy.

I always have about four different notebooks on the go -  to-do lists, sketches, planning, and doodling.
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Ginger Tea
At least 3 cups per day please.
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Nivea Cream
Basic but essential.
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Braun Calculator
I do a lot of sums and this calculator (stolen from Pete’s desk) is a classic and makes mundane paperwork a little bit more bearable.
Online Here:

Big Scarf
It’s pretty cold on the East Coast of Scotland so I am rarely seen without a huge wraparound scarf (winter and summer).

Staedtler Automatic Pencil
A classic drawing pencil.
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No.7 Mascara
I don’t wear a lot of make up but rarely go outside with out a bit of mascara on.
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Jo Loves Perfume - Shards of Cedar and Red Thyme
I don’t really like flowery perfumes and it took my a long long time to find a scent that I was really happy with. This maybe smells more like an aftershave but I really like it and it lasts all day.
Online Here:

Muji 0.5 Rollerball Pens
I use these for everything and buy more every time I’m in London. I design with them, sign all our prints with them and they’re really nice to write with.
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