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Matt McKinney

Matt McKinney



Penfield Rockford Jacket
This is my winter staple. I've never had a jacket that is so warm and comfortable. It's so warm that I don't even need to bother with gloves and a scarf anymore. This is a big part of my mountain man look.
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Merino Wool Hat
This is one of our own collaborative products, created with Wonky Woolies who are based up in Glasgow. They make loads of awesome wooly hats by hand, so we contacted them to see if they could make us our own merino wool versions. They're unbelievably warm and definitely worth the few extra pounds compared to the mass produced acrylic crap that you get in most high street shops.
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Levi's Commuter Jeans
I ride my bike to work most days and so I've been through alot of jeans! I only wear jeans so they get a bit of a battering. These have a double fabric reinforced crotch and so far they've stood up to the demands of the commutet. I'd prefer that my jeans were organic but I've tried a few of the organic jeans makers and some have barely lasted 6 months! It's got to be more sustainable to buy one pair of well made jeans that last, rather than 3 pairs of organic ones...surely? I'm keen to try Hiutt jeans next, they look like they might be up to the task.
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Human Being T-shirt
Had to get a bit of product placement in there! This is our biggest seller and was the design that really made us realise that we really could make Origin68 into a viable business. I designed it myself in about 30 minutes. It just came out of my head and onto the page pretty much ready to go. The hardest thing now is trying to create another Human Being! People really love it and it's still one of my favourites. I've just bought myself another one as I've worn the last one out!
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Be One Notebook
I love these notebooks. They're made in Italy from 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3, also known as Chalk!) and 20% non-toxic resins. The calcium carbonate comes from limestone recovered from quarries and from building industry waste. The paper is so nice to write on. It's a bit like writing on a banana skin.
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New Balance 710 Boots
I love these boots. They're not quite up to the task of being a 'proper' walking boot but they're great for everyday wear.
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Greenman Festival Lanyard
I have alot of keys and so having something to keep them all together is good. I got this lanyard from the Greenman Festival programme and have given it a new lease of life.

Q&Q Watch
These watches are solar powered and made from recycled materials. Double win. They look awesome too, so there's the hat-trick. I wear this alot as my everyday 'not bothered if I smash it' watch as it's cheap to replace.
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What can I say? Although I pretend to be above it all, I'm just as addicted as everyone else is.
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City Car Club Card
I live and work in the city centre of Manchester so there's not really much need for a car. I've toyed with the idea of owning one but really (honestly) do prefer not having one. It's cheaper and better for the environment. I recently joined the City Car Club which is a car sharing site. It means I now have access to a car when I need one for trips to the supermarket without having to actually buy one, pay for insurance, repairs etc. It's great.
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Tabasco Sauce
I have chilli sauce on pretty much everything, so have a bottle sat on the desk at all times. I even had chilli sauce on fish pie the other day which was actually pretty good.
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