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Matthew Pike

Matthew Pike

Buckets & Spades



MacBook Pro
Something I use every day so it really needed to make my essentials. Does everything I need it too, though could be a little faster. Be lost without this.
Online Here:

Peanuts Moleskine Diary
I buy a Moleskine diary every year but fancied something different for 2015. I like how it injects a bit of humour into something pretty dull. Always gets a smile when I get it out at meetings.
Online Here:

Field Notes
Currently on a 3-pack of these called the “Unexposed”, totally random colours coming in all black packaging so you’re buying blind. I saw these on my mate Yasumi’s blog and bought them straight away.
Online Here:

Ray-Ban Specs
Actually my second pair of these. I lost the first pair in Dublin last year, and now these are broke too. I crushed them in my bag. But they still work. I can’t find any others that really suit me.
Online Here:

TRiCKETT x Ebbets Cap
An American made baseball cap for a brand based in Lancashire. TRiCKETT are obsessed with anything Americana, just like me, so this was a no brainer for me. My most worn cap by far.
Online Here:

iPhone 4s
I’ve never really got the most up to date tech, but it’s cool, it gets me by just fine. The camera on it’s really good and does all I need.
Online Here: 

AnonymousIsm Socks
I owe a crazy amount of socks and over the past two years I’ve found myself spending more on each pair. I bought a 2-pack from this Japanese brand last week, blue and purple. They’re amazing quality and comfy. That’s all I need.
Online Here: AnonymousIsm

Comme des Garcons Wallet + Northern Goods Co. Key Clip
This wallet was a gift to myself when I graduated from uni about five years ago. Seeing that I sit on it every day it’s in remarkable condition. The key clip is by our own brand, Northern Goods Co, which we hand made in Lancashire.
Comme des Garcons
Online Here:

Love these ones, and I’ve been known to walk from shop to shop finding these same ones.

Keys - On my fob: which is by American brand The Goods Co
You’ll find a Tesco and Sainsburys club card, my front door key, bike lock key and my bottle opener key by Makr.