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Matt 'Mills' Miller


Twitter: @ustwo
Twitter: @millsustwo
Facy: /ustwostudios
Insta: @ustwo


Gold Laptop
When I saw the gold laptop I knew I had to have it.. I really don't like the colour at all which is why I needed it so bad. Crucially though it's less about being a laptop and more about being a carrier for my incredible Fuji & Hakone sticker.

Worlds oldest Nike Trainers (with holes)
About the only thing in the world I ever buy is trainers (mostly because I love the fact you can just walk into a Nike store and make a decision purely on how fluro the trainer is. No need to try on.. just buy it! -- but for some seemingly strange reason the only pair I ever wear are the ones with the most holes in.

Laguna Beach Hat
$2.99 from Laguna Beach, which is the first place I took my little family when we spent 6 weeks away from ustwo last year! The hat is so bad but it's the memories that count. 

ToDon't Sketchbook
My partner sinx uses his sketch books to write down all his seemingly endless ToDo's - I use mine as a ToDon't book.. simply write them down and then never have to action what I wrote.. I just love writing them down as it gives me a temporary feeling of achievement.

I love talky so much, podcasts, radio, music!!! just love the sound of people talking. Tim Cook (apple CEO) recently visited us to play our soon to be released game and as a parting gift handed me the Airpods. I genuinely believe this product to be the best apple have made since the iPhone. They are a game changer. Fuck the chords!

Every day I wake to the site of my hand made wooden totem. It reminds me of the most exciting day of my life. Releasing Monument Valley. 

Totem Pin Badge
My micro reminder of that special day. 

Pret Biting stick
Not officially a thing (it's the plastic stick that stops coffee from spilling when you buy a pret coffee) I love chewing them. It's probably a nervous habit or something to do with my childhood! Always have one on me.. chew chew!!!