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Nik Speller


Nik Speller

Writer, Buckets & Spades
Twitter: @NikSpeller
Insta: @nikspeller


Form & Thread Socks
Good socks are surprisingly rare - great ones, even rarer! Form & Thread are not only a seriously good looking brand, run by some top class guys, but the product is just perfect.
Online Here:

Standard Issue Instruments, Field Navigator
A gift from our friends at US brand Huckberry, this watch has barely left my wrist for the past few months. Light-weight but robust, I love it's simple, clean design.
Online Here:

Bellroy Note Sleeve
Australian brand Bellroy are taking the world by storm - and it's no surprise. Their wallets are slim, hard wearing, and stylish. The perfect combo for something that you carry each and every day.
Online Here:

Oyster Card
I seem to spend my life on the tube, rushing from meeting-to-meeting or looking for a coffee shop to call home for a few hours. Can't live without this little beauty, although in 2016 I could be tempted to switch to Apple Pay.
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It doesn't really need explanation, does it? An iPad is the perfect tool for a writer who's always on the move.
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I'd love to find more time to read, but I usually have to make do with a few minutes here and there. I'm currently reading this Christmas present from my Grandmother - taking a look at the history of some of my not-so-distant relatives.
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Cutty Sark, Storm
A whisky each evening is fairly standard for me. Rich, warm, and ever-so-slightly smokey, Cutty Sark seems a deeply unfashionable style of whisky, from a fairly unknown brand, but who cares? It's what you like to drink that matters!
Online Here:

Nike Roshe
I'll admit it - I'm a Nike Roshe addict. Never in my life have I worn a more comfortable pair of trainers and I've just invested in my third pair. Again, when your running around London all day, sneakers like these beat a pair of brogues hands down.
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