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Old Essentials

John Summerton - Sidetracked Magazine

Chris Roberts


Macbook Pro 13”
This goes everywhere with me and has my life and work history on it. I really should back it up more often… I’ve been using Apple products for years now and wouldn’t switch to anything else.
Online Here:

Sidetracked Magazine
I always have a copy or two of my magazine with me. It’s a great way to show rather than tell what I do. Sidetracked has become a huge part of my life and I love working on it and watching it grow.
Online Here:

Portable charger
I was given this as a gift whilst in Iceland and now never leave the house without it. I’m constantly forgetting to charge my phone so this thing is perfect for me.

Ok, thankfully this isn’t an essential but I do love a good crafted ale. I’m always on the hunt for the darkest, coziest local pubs and breweries to try the local beers. I’ve also started brewing my own (pictured) which has had very mixed results!

Swiss Army Knife
My wife gave me this about 20 years ago before we embarked on our first adventure together (a year long circumnavigation of Australia) and I’ve taken it on every trip since. It’s one of those things that you rarely need but it’s always good to have on hand.
Online Here:

Nixon 48-20 Chrono
Love this watch.
Online Here:

Penguin bottle opener
This appeared in my life a few years back and I’ve no idea where from. But useful to have around with the aforementioned beer. Seriously, that’s not essential though…
Online Here:

Moleskin Notebook
This one is a limited edition with topographic lines carved into the cover. I’ve nearly filled it up with random notes, shopping lists, sketches and ideas now though so on the look out for it’s successor – another moleskin for sure.
Online Here:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the print publishing game and absolutely love paper and printing. There’s no better smell than that of freshly printed magazines – seriously! But I do read a lot and love the Kindle as it’s just so easy, portable, light and can hold so many books. Idealy for trips, holidays or long train journeys.
Online Here:

Crumpler Super Boomer XL
I’ve had this messenger bag for 8 years now and it never leaves my side. Basically because it’s usually filled with all of this stuff pictured here and more! It’s so well made, has enough pockets for me to stash and lose things and plenty of room for my often portable office.
Online Here:

Check out John Summerton at:
Twitter: @sidetrackedmag
Facebook: SidetrackedMag
Instagram: SidetrackedMag

John Poland - Good Measure

Chris Roberts


Sugar Cane 1947
I've got a couple of pairs of these, this pair are from 2003/4 when they still had the red tab and arcs on the pockets, before the Levis trademark clampdown, they were and probably still are way better than the Levi's they emulated. Although not one of the Osaka 5 denim brands Sugar Cane were one of the first to be accessible to the western market and played a huge part in the way we look at jeans now. These have been worn to death from raw and I've had them patched and repaired numerous times, everything about them is just right and getting better and to top it off if you search around online they can be half the price they were ten years ago.
Online here:

Slow leather wallet
My wife bought me this for my birthday a few years ago, I love the way it's ageing , the leather is almost black with wear now and the copper rivet has that green tinge that only age brings, shame it's always empty.
Online here:

Strong tea
Yorkshire, Clipper Everyday, M&S Extra Strong, a nice coffee is all well and good but first thing in the morning only a cup of Rosy Lee will do.
Online here:

Lee Japan Chore shirt
Another garment I've had for years , you never think you're going to need four pockets on a shirt but mine are constantly full, keys, pens, paper, wallet, glasses, the list is endless. It's getting a bit past it's sell by date now and the thought of relegating it to the bin is frightening so I'm in the process of manufacturing some jackets that give a nod to the practicality of that fine shirt.

Midori pen
Another gift from my lovely wife, this little fella lives in a pocket of the previously mentioned shirt.
Online here:

Leather key fob
Hand cut and then sewn with Irish linen thread by a friend from Saddleworth, a lovely thing that is ageing beautifully.

Erlandia moccasins
Looking back through my essentials nearly all of them are old and these shoes are no different, I think Padmore and Barnes stopped making Erlandia a good ten years ago but I've recently given these a clean up and they're in regular rotation once again. You can point at all the recently hip brands from across the pond but these hand sewn Irish made beauties hold their own. Padmore and Barnes are still making some great shoes though I believe it's mainly in Portugal. 
Online here:

Check out John poland at:
Instagram: @goodmeasure
Instagram: @further_further

Sophie Pitt - Pedlars

Chris Roberts

Dooney & Bourke bag
Bought on a Pedlars Vintage buying trip in Massachusetts. I had fallen in love with one that a friend lent me, and made it my mission to find one of my own. It was $25. A bargain.
Online here:
Monster Headphones
I wouldn’t usually spend money on headphones, I’m a big fan of the white ones you get free with your phone. But these were given to me and I love them. On a plane they’re a game-changer.
Online here:
I LOVE jelly. Jelly with Bompas and Parr is one of my favourite books. If I could, I would eat it every day, which I can, so I pretty much do. This is the best jelly in Notting Hill, Passionfruit and Raspberry, from The Grocer on Elgin.
Online here:
A flat white
Our office is below our shop and cafe just off Portobello Road, where we serve Allpress Coffee. And I drink far too many.
Online here:
My Tool Kit Necklace
If you find yourself in Williamsburg, visit Brooklyn Charm. It’s like a sweet shop for charms, they have pretty much anything you can think of. You go round with your tray, take it to the counter, realise you’ve gone overboard, put half of them back, and then they put it together for you. I haven’t taken it off since.
Online here:
The Good Life Experience cards
These are always in my wallet. Working on the festival has been so much fun, and I’m counting down the days until 18th September. Festival co-founder Cerys Matthews had a dream that we should make a business card with a map of where the festival is on the back, so we did, and it turned out to be a brilliant idea as nobody can even pronounce Hawarden, let alone know where it is.
Online here:
Good Scandi lip stuff. Charlie brought us all some back from a trade fair in Stockholm. Apparently it’s also good for sore dog paws but I’m yet to try that out. I need to get a dog.
Online here:

Clementines Shop Scarf
My new scarf from my friend Clem’s shop. It’s in the most beautiful part of Wiltshire.
Online here:
My keys
With one Pedlars Key Chain and one my sister brought me back from Kenya.
Online here:
My Phone
I’m addicted to Instagram.
Online here:
A guide book
I always have a guide book beside my bed, I virtually inhale them before going on holiday. I’m doing a US West coast road trip in a couple of weeks, but I sometimes buy them with no trip planned.
Online here:
My diary
I’m a big list maker and can’t remember to do anything if it’s not written down. This is a present from Noble Macmillan, where I used to work. They engrave stuff for you on the spot, just ask for Warren, he’s a legend.
Online here:
Muji Pen
And lastly a Muji pen. The cheapest and the best.
Online here:

Check out Sophie Pitt at:
Instagram: @sophievpitt

Tom Kay - Finisterre founder

Chris Roberts

Finisterre wetsuit tester beanie
These were exclusively issued to wetsuit tester applicants as part of our wetsuit tester programme. Made in the UK
Online here:

Finisterre paisley hanky – drawn by Todd
Has all our brand stories in there: surfing, adventure, camping, weather, sea birds, fishing

Tudor ranger watch
Wedding present from my wife. Inspired on a 1960s design, it goes everywhere with me.
Online here:

Head Porter wallet
From recent trip to Japan.
Online here:

Parker 25 pen
My dads’ old pen, still writes like a dream.

Dog biscuit

Moleskin Diary
Online here:

Finisterre fin key
Bespoke wooden fin key that we made with a 200 year old steel manufacturing firm in Sheffield.
Online here:

Finisterre Cirrus jacket
One of most versatile pieces. Recycled polyester, eco fill synthetic down. Packs into own pocket.
Online here:

Finisterre penknife
Another of my of most versatile pieces, bespoke penknife made by a 200 year old steel manufacturing firm in Sheffield.
Online here:

RNLI pager
I’m a helm on the St. Agnes lifeboat, so this goes everywhere with me. On call 24/7
Read more about the brilliant RNLI here:

From NYC

The Surfer’s Journal
Best mag out there. Photography is mind blowing.
Online Here:

Twitter: @FinisterreUK

Joe Stebbing - Goodwares

Chris Roberts


A friend and I rowed from Oxford to London, this ensign was taken from our boat Tintangle. It was a wet 5 day adventure that went from the sublime to the ridiculous, a sort of adult Swallows and Amazons. Being chased out of a pub in Reading by mini-cab drivers remains one of the most frightening experiences of my life.
From any good chandlery.

Loake Wolf brogue boots
I have a destructive relationship with shoes, I’ll wear them till they fall apart then fall in love with another pair, but I have had these for years and they just keep on giving. Made in England, fleece lined, Goodyear welted rubber soles and beautiful. This pair is off for a factory overhaul now and I’m looking forward to getting them back for winter.
Online Here:

Ordnance Survey Atlas of Great Britain from 1982
I’m not sure if Ordnance Survey still make an atlas like this, if they do I can’t find it. It was published in 1982 and covers the whole of Great Britain at 1:250,000 scale. I’ve owned it for years and have always been fascinated by it. Even at that scale it contains vast amounts of detail, made all the more remarkable as it was made before satellite mapping, a testament to this most British of institutions. 
Out of print

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
I love this book; Bourdain’s journey from pot-wash to executive chef reads more like a Vietnam war story than a cookbook. The paragraph about hollandaise will put you off for life, but there’s no doubt you will gain an unfettered insight into the professional kitchen, as well as admiration for those who choose it as a career.
ISBN 978-0747553557

Chinese workman’s jacket
Thinner than its French counterpart but still the epitome of utility chic, gifted to me by my old boss Sheridan Coakley from SCP.
Online Here:

Sony AM/FM Pocket radio
I was going to put in my iPhone and talk about the BBC iPlayer Radio app, but this radio pipped it to the post. Purchased at the same time as the ensign for the same rowing trip 5 years ago, I am almost certain I have never changed the batteries. Robust and simple, and there is nothing better than listening to the radio.
Online Here:

Opinel penknife
Whittle a stick or peel an apple, a little piece of French life in your pocket As featured in Charlie Gladstone’s Essentials but so good it deserves to be repeated.
Online Here:

Audubon Bird Call
Like the penknife, this little birdcall is beautifully simple. Objects like this are the reason I started the shop; mass-manufactured yet with enough character that they become a cherished item.
Online Here:

Swan Vesta matches
The possibilities are limitless with a box of matches; who doesn’t love a campfire?

Check out Joe Stebbing at:
Twitter: @Goodwares