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Old Essentials

Lee Isherwood - Designer and Founder of Manchester's Finest

Chris Roberts

Lee Isherwood is a Senior Graphic, Environmental & Experiential Designer at StartJG in Manchester and also the founder / editor of 

Fred Perry 100% Wool Hat: Perfect size to look smart but do the job.

Calabrese Roloto Tote Bag: Step aside all other tote bags, this is the pinnacle, quality and detailing is through the roof, I've had it 6 years and it looks like new.

Belstaff Trousers: Steeped in British heritage the quality speaks for itself, these will last a lifetime and look top draw.

SNS Herning 100% Wool T-shirt: Danish outdoor wear, you know it's going to be good. Tight knit, light weight and made the same way since the 1920's. All be it with new styles.

APC Jumper: APC has become synonymous with French quality in garments. Love this jumper. Another one that's been with me for over 6 years.

Grenson Pebble Leather Curt shoe: Hand made in Northamptonshire Grenson represent to me a traditional British business that has modernised but retained it's core ethos. Quality.

MKI Umbrealla: MKI are based in Leeds. The specialise in quality basics with a twist. These guys know their stuff.

Comme Des Garcons Patent Leather Wallet: A bit of playfulness in with all these serious heritage. The wallet is fluro pink on the inside, love it.