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Simon Middleton


Simon Middleton

Shackleton Company
Insta: theshackletoncompany


Crumpled City map of Venice
I love Venice for so many reasons and try to visit every other year for the Biennale, when what is already a magical city becomes home to the world’s most exciting contemporary art. But I still get lost! So this screw-up fabric map is great to keep to hand.

Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Clash
I go almost nowhere without maintaining some access to Bruce and Bob, who have never failed to bring me joy and sustenance of a quite different order to any other music. The Clash nourished my young adulthood and I’m lucky enough to own this album signed by Strummer, Jones, Simenon and Headon.

Shackleton Crew Boots and Shackleton Replica Sweater
We launched our clothing range in 2014 and predictably enough I’m rarely seen in anything else. The boots are made for us by Cheaney in Northamptonshire and the sweater (a replica of Shackleton’s own from 1914) is made in Leicestershire.
Online Here:

Left Hand Bear guitar
Until I had to quit performing, as the Shackleton business demanded all of my time, I was singer and rhythm guitarist for a succession of rock and Americana bands. Being a lefty I always had trouble sourcing guitars, so I launched my own guitar brand Left Hand Bear in 2011 and performed regularly with this one. That somewhat left-field business morphed into The Shackleton Design & Manufacturing Company, so these guitars still have a place in my heart.

The West Wing
Everything that can be said about the West Wing has already been said. A wonderful fantasy about good people trying to do a good job in a good Government. Would that the world were actually a bit more like this. Time to watch it all again I think.

Steel Hip Flask
I spend a lot of time away from home, and on a late night train a wee dram can be a special treat. This indestructible flask is Swedish I think, but came from San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

Stephen King & Shackleton biography
I could have picked any Stephen King. Call him low-brow, call him pulp, call him genre. I don’t care. Always a marvellous distraction from the real world. I started when I was 15 and don’t intend to stop now (nor does he it seems). And of my growing collection of books about Shackleton, this is the latest and one of the best: a really pacy biography of the great man, warts and all.