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Sophie Pitt

Sophie Pitt



Dooney & Bourke bag
Bought on a Pedlars Vintage buying trip in Massachusetts. I had fallen in love with one that a friend lent me, and made it my mission to find one of my own. It was $25. A bargain.
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Monster Headphones
I wouldn’t usually spend money on headphones, I’m a big fan of the white ones you get free with your phone. But these were given to me and I love them. On a plane they’re a game-changer.
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I LOVE jelly. Jelly with Bompas and Parr is one of my favourite books. If I could, I would eat it every day, which I can, so I pretty much do. This is the best jelly in Notting Hill, Passionfruit and Raspberry, from The Grocer on Elgin.
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A flat white
Our office is below our shop and cafe just off Portobello Road, where we serve Allpress Coffee. And I drink far too many.
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My Tool Kit Necklace
If you find yourself in Williamsburg, visit Brooklyn Charm. It’s like a sweet shop for charms, they have pretty much anything you can think of. You go round with your tray, take it to the counter, realise you’ve gone overboard, put half of them back, and then they put it together for you. I haven’t taken it off since.
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The Good Life Experience cards
These are always in my wallet. Working on the festival has been so much fun, and I’m counting down the days until 18th September. Festival co-founder Cerys Matthews had a dream that we should make a business card with a map of where the festival is on the back, so we did, and it turned out to be a brilliant idea as nobody can even pronounce Hawarden, let alone know where it is.
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Good Scandi lip stuff. Charlie brought us all some back from a trade fair in Stockholm. Apparently it’s also good for sore dog paws but I’m yet to try that out. I need to get a dog.
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Clementines Shop Scarf
My new scarf from my friend Clem’s shop. It’s in the most beautiful part of Wiltshire.
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My keys
With one Pedlars Key Chain and one my sister brought me back from Kenya.
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My Phone
I’m addicted to Instagram.
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A guide book
I always have a guide book beside my bed, I virtually inhale them before going on holiday. I’m doing a US West coast road trip in a couple of weeks, but I sometimes buy them with no trip planned.
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My diary
I’m a big list maker and can’t remember to do anything if it’s not written down. This is a present from Noble Macmillan, where I used to work. They engrave stuff for you on the spot, just ask for Warren, he’s a legend.
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Muji Pen
And lastly a Muji pen. The cheapest and the best.
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