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Stuart Bloodworth


Stuart Bloodworth

We Are Empire

Twitter: @weareempireuk
Twitter: @stubloodworth
Insta: @weareempire


Clarks Dessert Boots
Never been a boot person until I put a pair of these on. Pure heaven. Starting to get a bit scruffy but I kinda like that. I wore the same boat shoes for about 4 years, I still miss them.

Macbook Pro 15"
BIGGER is better. I'm on this virtually all day long. I don’t tend to execute work on here unless it’s animation, small website details or experimenting on one of my many 'playground' artboards. I’ll always plug this up to my display when I’m ready to plough through some hefty work.

Zara Winter Jumper
Pretty simple - winter jumpers and coats over summer t-shirts and shorts. This is a woollen number from Zara. It was like £38 or something, so nothing posh just comfort. I’ve had it a while.

DO/DISRUPT/ Change the status quo. Or become it. Mark Shayler/
I find it really difficult to find the time to read (lame excuse, I know). But these 'Do Books' are perfect. Small but pack a punch. Working my way through them all, but seem to find myself reading this one multiple times.
Online Here:

Barbour Tartan Cashmere Scarf
With me all day everyday, indoors and out. Top quality scarf. This is in fact my second, after I lost the first on a night on the town. I couldn’t live without it so got myself another the very next day.

Jaffa Cakes
Definitely a cake rather than a biscuit. There's always a pack floating around somewhere. My studio snack of choice.

Skagen Watch
This was a present from my partner, Phil. By partner I mean girlfriend, and by Phil I mean Philippa. I’ve never really been a watch wearer, but that's because I’ve never had a lovely watch. I had a Casio calculator watch for a bit. This is better.

iPhone 7 Plus
Like most I’m completely dependant on my iPhone. Basecamp, Slack, Instagram, Twitter, Emails, Spotify, Maps, Lightroom, Calls :wink:, WhatsApp... I could go on. I’ve had the plus for about 3 months now and it’s the perfect size for me. A true life essential.

RAEN Specs - Matte Rootbeer
Spent a long time looking for the right glasses. RAEN optics are handmade by designers for designers. Their studio is based in Oceanside, California so expect a wait though.
Online Here:

Apple Earphones
I understand that these probably aren't the best, coolest or best quality but they've never let me down. I have about 4 pairs due to the amount of iPhones i’ve gone through over the years. Music and designing is a lovely partnership.