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Programme Leader Hyper Island

Twitter: @tashwillcocks
Insta: @tashwillcocks


Small Cornish Blue Salt Pot
This serves as two essentials I carry everywhere, I was incredibly lucky to grow up near the sea in Cornwall, I think the people, kinfolk, culture and sea air creates a free spirit and probably left me a little feral soul, I carry Kernow in my heart and head, I like to think I am a Cornish adopted Mancunian - a Corncunian Pixie lets say.
All that salty fresh air leaves its mark and I am a salt fiend, I carry little packets in pockets everywhere, I am a chefs worst nightmare… I suspect it will be the death of me or I’l turn into a mermaid, hopefully the latter.
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Swatch Watch
Is not quite a Black Rebel but I like the name!
Present from my Mum ( THE Moomin MaMa )
I never wore watches till I started Hyper Island, however we need to time sessions/presentations/Fikas a lot so I gave in - its liberating!!!! you stop checking your phone for the time, which in turn stops you having a cheeky glance at instagram, which halts the inevitable tumble face first into being distracted by social mediaville. Also the watch - yeaaaaahhhh all black, like batman would* hanker after and for filled my teenage Swatch dreams.
*bash one out over…. to rude? haha
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I love tea, fact - DONE
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Ipad Pro + Pencil
I was so anti getting one - on screen is a small amount of the crazy pen collection I have (still have I suffer hoarding issues) I love the feel of pen on paper and the Mundaneaday Typostration project has been one of the best things I have done, its given me space to think and disconnect from tech by simply going old school with ink on paper. However time and tech wooed me and I invested before christmas, it took a little while to get used to BUT I LOVE IT! its made me work in a whole new way, I create my headspace by simply turning off all notifications and removing distracting apps and banishing my phone to another room…. along with hoarding I have a slight case of Nomophobia you may have noticed. 
I am adding Emojis here - few years ago HATED the lil b*st*rds…. now LOVE them, cannot live with out the crazy little tone changers, I do not apologies for the smiley faces, fist bumps and heart eyed cat face! 

Adidas High Tops
These have a sneaky wedge in (theres my secret gone) - I am SHORT, if you meet me I am usually the shortest (loudest) person in the room, unless at a childrens adventure park. these give me that little bit of height-but not toooooo much and are not heels, I can run in them and the fur bit plays to the Bet Lynch Barmaid that lives inside me. 

Head phones
Any - no favourites
I suffer from Misophonia, I am pretty calm at heart….. but breathing, chewing, eating, other noises drive me to distraction, on trains I have to listen to something loud as usually there is someone somewhere in my vicinity with a peep in their nasal breathing, a snorer, or a raspy smokers rattle throat… (sorry) it takes me past the edge of sanity, I want to find a basket of kittens rip their heads of and shove it up the persons nose to muffle the sound…. AND I LOVE KITTENS! Also I sleep with podcasts playing, to block out my long suffering boyfriends breathing (which is normal air getting level) which brings me to podcasts, Ohhhh i adore them, I learn, laugh and have debates in my head along to them. Perfect entertainment… and I can draw while I listen…

Moisturiser/Oil things
I am obsessed with moisturisers, have been since I was 14, I feel it balances out my bad lifestyle choices
… if that makes me a narsassist come back and say it to my fresh face in 20 years haha. 

He’s not on here as he would not behave and stay in the photo, Wolf is a Ragdoll cat, he’s grumpy, huge, crazy and creates fur a a rate of (k)nots, he also wakes me up at 5.00 every morning in the mistaken notion that I have started feeding him 2hrs earlier than yesterday, but he makes me laugh, gives me something to look after and secretly loves me unconditionally.
Unconditional love is an essential.
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