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Tom Kay

Finisterre wetsuit tester beanie
These were exclusively issued to wetsuit tester applicants as part of our wetsuit tester programme. Made in the UK
Online here:

Finisterre paisley hanky – drawn by Todd
Has all our brand stories in there: surfing, adventure, camping, weather, sea birds, fishing

Tudor ranger watch
Wedding present from my wife. Inspired on a 1960s design, it goes everywhere with me.
Online here:

Head Porter wallet
From recent trip to Japan.
Online here:

Parker 25 pen
My dads’ old pen, still writes like a dream.

Dog biscuit

Moleskin Diary
Online here:

Finisterre fin key
Bespoke wooden fin key that we made with a 200 year old steel manufacturing firm in Sheffield.
Online here:

Finisterre Cirrus jacket
One of most versatile pieces. Recycled polyester, eco fill synthetic down. Packs into own pocket.
Online here:

Finisterre penknife
Another of my of most versatile pieces, bespoke penknife made by a 200 year old steel manufacturing firm in Sheffield.
Online here:

RNLI pager
I’m a helm on the St. Agnes lifeboat, so this goes everywhere with me. On call 24/7
Read more about the brilliant RNLI here:

From NYC

The Surfer’s Journal
Best mag out there. Photography is mind blowing.
Online Here: