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Great British Tea

Twitter: @Tregothnan
Insta: @Tregothnan


Tea Leaves
Freshly plucked leaves from the Tregothnan tea plantation, these beautiful leaves grown right here in Cornwall are the very symbol of who we are here at Tregothnan. Plucked daily on the estate these leaves are then crafted into an exquisite cup of tea.
The perfect cup of English tea, essencial for a day in the life of Tregothnan not only for the staff in the office for that perfect energy boost! But also for our customers, as we work to ensure quality in every cup.
Tea Pot
A new edition to the Tregothnan family, our innovative infuser teapot is essential to ensure that our loose-leaf tea is brewed perfectly to create the perfect cup of the most British tea in history.
Tregothnan Great British
The Tregothnan Great British Tea, is one of our most iconic British teas yet, working alongside the GREAT campaign to celebrate true British innovation and what’s more British than the first tea grown in England?
Tregothnan wax seal & stamper
The seal of our brand holds our new brand logo, it is the perfect representation of old and new- combining traditional wax sealing with our contemporary branding, this seal perfectly represents everything here at Tregothnan showing the perfect combination of our estates history and our commitment to innovation. This seal is used to seal envelopes sent from our estate.

Here at Tregothnan we celebrate craft and the beauty of botanicals, each day we have been using these fine liner pens to create excusive illustrations to sit alongside our products and show the botanical wonders of our estate gardens.

Floristry Card
These beautiful cards accompany each order sent from Tregothnan and often feature handwritten messages to grace our beautifully Birtish bouquets.